Essentials for Cross-Functional Teams

Posted: January 19, 2015 in Techie Stuffs

Taroona Sharma

Cross-functional teams as the name suggests is a team that has people from different functional groups in it. They are all working towards a common goal but the skills they bring to the team are unique. Someone might possess financial knowledge, someone might be the king or queen of IT and others might be from marketing, sales, or operations. These are a set of individuals who speak different languages. For example, when an IT expert uses the term AGILE in a cross-functional team; he won’t necessarily be referring to moving quickly and easily. He would rather be using it for a methodology of software development that involves breaking a large project into smaller and more attainable milestones.

Many times it does happen that some team members who are mostly working on computer keep on sending urgent emails to members who are mostly away from their desks. For e.g. a Research…

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