What comes with new vNext Release

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Techie Stuffs

Alight, this time I decided to talk a little bit about what comes with the next release of Visual Studio & ASP.NET, I was reading couple of blog posts of ScottGu’s where he highlighted about some of the key features that will be coming in next release, following is what should be expected when Microsoft Releases new version of Visual Studio:

  • HTML Editor Support for Smart Tasks and Event Handler Generation
  • Strongly Typed Data Controls
  • Model Binding Part 1: Selecting Data
  • Model Binding Part 2: Filtering Data

Let’s talk about each of these features a little bit :

HTML Editor Support for Smart Tasks:  Remember about the Smart Tasks tag that appears in Visual Studio when you are in the designing mode of any ASP.NET component which lets you edit some formatting or do some other smart stuff as mentioned below:

Smart Tasks

Smart Tasks

This similar feature will now be provided for you while you are working on HTML also:

Smart Task in Coming Visual Studio

Smart Task in Coming Visual Studio

You can expand this Smart tasks by clicking the Underline character or hitting CTRL + . like you do in C# or VB.NET, Once expanded you will get your Smarter way of working :

Expanded Smart Tasks

Expanded Smart Tasks

Once configured you will get to see the following written code, cool enough ?

Generated Code

Generated Code

This would surely help the developers speed up the development thus resulting in good productivity.

Event Handler Generation : We all write server side event handlers to our ASP.NET Controls and every time we write it we have to make sure  either we attach the Server Side event to our control or we wire up those events on our asp.net control. Now there will an inline Event Handler that you can choose to create a new Event Handler to your ASP.NET control, how ?? following :

Once created a new event handler you are good to start coding your server side codes, you do not need to switch to design mode to assign a event handler, cool eh! ?

Server Side Code

Server Side Code

That is it for now folks, regarding other mentioned features stay tuned 🙂


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