Sencha JavaScript Framework

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Techie Stuffs

I was doing a lot of Research finding an appropriate JavaScript Framework when I came to know about something called “Sencha”. Lot of Programmers and Technical Lead find it pretty difficult to suggest a “JavaScript Framework” or “UI Components for Web” and end up finding many on the web, following are some of those UI Frameworks I have used and worked on :

Hard to believe all of the above mentioned UI Components would surely confused even though they have got tonnes of examples on their website but it is what it is.

I particularly like Telerik, jQuery and Sencha as well. But since we are talking about Sencha let this be for Sencha only.

Sencha is nothing but a set of pre- compiled JavaScripts which has its own framework and lets you do your stuffs without doing post-backs its more of a Framework and can extend your JavaScript toolkits. Some of the points why I would use Sencha over other JavaScript Frameworks:

  1. Sencha JavaScript Framework is Cross-Browser by default so you don’t have to code for every browser.
  2. Follows the Class hierarchy.
  3. Very Well documented.
  4. It is just a layer and can extend your own JavaScripts.
  5. Has a good huge community.
  6. Has its own big set of Widgets can be used easily.
  7. Ext Designer makes it more easy.

What else to talk about go find yourself Sencha, and is it a winner let me know and you know how to contact me 😉


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