LulzSec a reality or just wannabe’s ?

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Techie Stuffs

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Recent Controversy  on Internet called the “LulzSec“. A recently united so called “hackers” got together and hacked some huge databases right starting from FBI to Sony and anonymous yahoo/aol/gmail users now that’s some filthy crap. I would not say or comment on who they are or what they are up to but I got following points :

  • Did they really hacked these databases or was it nothing more than using Google Droks to find some of these information ?
  • If they are really into busting websites or internet security then why are they shutting their Shop?
  • Why would PirateBay delete their “50 days of LulZ” torrent ?
  • Why there has been so much of fuss between JESTER and LulZ?

I do not know the answers yet but whatever the case may be a lot of Internet Security has been exposed and webmasters are you awake yet ? Get up Now !

Recently there has been sites I know either at work or personal having pretty tight security yet they have loopholes should I be informing those people about their tight security or sit quietly and enjoy people like “LulZ” to kick their asses.

That’s all for now folks….will write more when i have done more research on LulZ and other such groups.


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